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Favorite Links

Here are some links for  places I recommend to stay in the Williams, Arizona area where my tour begins. Some links are not hyperlinked to prevent spamming. 

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Check the local weather...
Remember that the south rim of the Canyon is more than 7000 feet above sea level!

The weather can change quickly.... and.... best time to see the Grand Canyon is with weather!

Click here to get the latest forecasts.

The Weather Underground 


Things to do in the williams area



These are places I recommend to stay in the Williams area.  There are a lot of lodging facilities in the area.     Try the Comfort Inn/Williams... Tell them I recommended them!   Very nice Lodge is  Lodge on Route66.  We also have Holiday Inn's, Best Western's, Quality Inn in the area.    I pick/up at all facilities and RV Parks in the Williams/Tusayan area. And I do not recommend the train or the skywalk!


Comfort Inn / Williams


The Lodge on Route 66

  The Red Garter Bed & Bakery


Grand Canyon Hotel


Wild West Jct.

Authentic Old Western town atmosphere!

Great BBQ!!


Vacation House/Horse Rental

Vacation Ranch/Horse Rental

                                                                                                       PLACES TO EAT


Red Raven - Lunch/Dinner (Most Excellent)




Rod's Steak House









The Jerry Pippin show.  Check out his site and listen to some of the achieved audio feeds.. We are looking forward to the 2009 UFO Congress in Laughlin Nevada soon!  A 7 day event!  Go to Jerry's site and the achieved interviews ...scroll down..... find my pic  ...  part II.... bout 18 minutes into the show.  


Jerry interviews Ross Hensworth, paranormal investigator and internet broadcaster from the UK - Don Ware, Mj-12 and big-foot expert, and Marvelous Marv Mason, the "Indiana Jones of the Grand Canyon" direct from the 2008 International UFO Congress in Laughlin, NV.

I'm avid listener of Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noorie, Art Bell, and Ian Punnett Listen to it sometime and LEARN!

Origins of the Universe
And Where We Are Headed

A Revelation in Cosmology. I've studied the papers now for about 15 yrs.  Truly amazing, especially if your at all Spiritual and open-minded....



                                           Live webcam 24 view from Yavapai point Grand Canyon

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Interview with Baseball PhD

Interview with Baseball PhD



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